How to Install PIA on an Amazon Fire Stick?

Marc DahanHow to Install PIA on an Amazon Fire Stick?

Installing Private Internet Access on your Amazon Fire Stick isn’t hard. PIA provides a native Fire TV app right in the Amazon Appstore. 

PIA’s Fire TV app is, in my opinion, better than their desktop and mobile apps, and using it on an Amazon Fire Stick is easy and intuitive.

Having PIA on your Fire Stick will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions and stop your ISP from throttling or blocking your traffic based on your activities. 

Unfortunately, PIA won’t help you in unblocking Netflix, but a VPN’s value goes beyond streaming Netflix content, right?

For more information on PIA and Netflix streaming, have a look at our Does Private Internet Access Work With Netflix? article.

Follow this post to learn how to install PIA on your Amazon Fire Stick.

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Does PIA Work on My Fire Stick?

You will need to determine which version of Fire Stick you have before we go ahead and install anything. The PIA app is only supported on the 2nd generation and the 4K Fire Sticks.

Take a look at our Does NordVPN Work on an Amazon Fire Stick? article for more information on identifying your version of Fire Stick.


You’ll first need an account with PIA to use their app on your Fire Stick. Head over to PIA’s website to create an account. All of their subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Downloading and Installing the PIA App

Downloading the app is a simple matter as it’s found right in the Amazon Appstore.

1. From the Fire Stick Home screen, navigate the top row of options, and select the magnifying glass

The magnifying glass is at the top left of the screen. The search field is displayed.

Amazon Fire Stick Search

2. Type “Private Internet Access”. 

Private Internet Access should appear at the top of the search results.

3. Select Private Internet Access. 

The App Details screen is displayed.

PIA App Details

4. Select the Get button. 

The above screenshot shows a Download button rather than Get because I’ve downloaded the app before. You will see a Get button. 

Your download starts. Once the download has finished, the Get button becomes an Open button.

Downloading PIA

5. Select the Open button.

The Private Internet Access app launches.

The PIA app appears in the Recent Apps listing on the Home screen. It can also be found in the My Apps listing on the Home screen.

Configuring the PIA App

Upon launching the PIA app, you’re taken to the Sign-In screen, after a few seconds of initialization. Simply enter the credentials you set up when you created your account. 

Once signed in, you’re taken to the app’s Home screen.

The layout of PIA’s Fire Stick app is well-designed and simple. 

Let’s look at its settings and features.

Home Screen

There are quite a few things that can be accomplished right in the PIA app’s Home screen.

So we can search for or select a VPN server to connect to, in the main area.

The right side of the app is a bit of a mini settings pane, that also provides feedback on your VPN connection. It contains the following:

  • Public IP: This will display your public IP address once connected to the VPN server.
  • Forwarded Port: If you enable port forwarding, the forwarded port will be displayed here.
  • Speed Graph: Displays your connection speed in realtime.
  • VPN Kill Switch: Activate or deactivate the VPN Kill Switch.
  • MACE Ad Blocker: Activate or deactivate PIA’s ads & tracker blocker.
  • Per-App Settings: This setting is related to the Split Tunneling feature and enables you to select which apps to include or exclude from the VPN tunnel.
  • Favorites: You can store your preferred VPN servers and access them from this menu.
  • Settings: Access the app’s settings.
  • Logout: Self-explanatory.


Let’s now take a look at the options we have in the Settings menu.


  • Use TCP: Switch to using the TCP protocol rather than UDP.
  • Request port forwarding: Enable port forwarding to access your internal servers via PIA’s network.
  • Remote Port: Manually select the remote port for your connection.
  • Local Port: Manually select the local port for your connection.
  • DNS: Choose between PIA’s secure DNS servers or set a custom DNS server.
  • Use small packets: Lowers your device’s MTU (maximum transmission unit) to ensure network compatibility.


  • Aggressive IPv6 blocking: Enable enhanced IPv6 leak protection.
  • Block local network: Enable or disable access to your LAN.


PIA - Encryption

Choose your parameters for:

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Handshake

Application Settings

  • 1-click connect: Automatically connect the VPN when the app is launched.
  • Connect on boot: Automatically launch PIA and connect the VPN when you boot up your Fire Stick.
  • Connect on app update: Automatically connect the VPN after an app update.
  • Reset settings to default: Self-explanatory.

Application Information

PIA - Application Information
  • Version: Displays the app’s version.
  • Send debug information to support: Does what it says on the box…

Connecting to a PIA Server

Once everything is set up to your liking, simply connect to one of PIA’s servers.

  1. From the Home screen, either search for or select the VPN server you wish to connect to.
  2. Click the big Connect button.
  3. That’s it.

You’re now connected to PIA’s VPN network.

Wrap Up

So, we downloaded, installed, and looked at the configuration options PIA Fire Stick app provides. And connecting the VPN is clearly a simple matter. 

You’ve secured your Fire Stick and while connected to PIA, you shouldn’t be bothered by geo-restrictions or ISP blocking or throttling. That’s a good thing.

For more information on PIA, check out our Private Internet Access review.

If you’re looking to install a different VPN provider on your Fire Stick, we have guides for NordVPNSurfshark, and ExpressVPN.

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How to Install PIA on an Amazon Fire Stick?

By Marc Dahan

Last updated: June 30, 2020

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