Browser Fingerprinting Test

Open this page in incognito and it should still assign you the same browser fingerprint. Want to learn more about browser fingerprinting? Don’t forget to read our article: Browser Fingerprinting: Everything You Should Know.

Your Fingerprint: [fingerprint]

Useragent: [fingerprint_useragent]

Internet browser: [fingerprint_browser]

Flash: [fingerprint_flash]

Canvas: [fingerprint_canvas]

Connection: [fingerprint_connection]

Cookie: [fingerprint_cookie]

Display: [fingerprint_display]

Fontsmoothing: [fingerprint_fontsmoothing]

Fonts: [fingerprint_fonts]

Formfields: [fingerprint_formfields]

Java: [fingerprint_java]

Language: [fingerprint_language]

Silverlight: [fingerprint_silverlight]

OS: [fingerprint_os]

Timezone: [fingerprint_timezone]

Touch: [fingerprint_touch]

Plugins: [fingerprint_plugins]

Truebrowser: [fingerprint_truebrowser]

What Is a Browser Fingerprint?

Web fingerprinting is a technique for monitoring the Internet. It helps websites to collect technical information about your Web browser configuration.

When they can gather enough of it, they can differentiate your browser from all the other browsers that visit the web in a special way. If you are uniquely identified, a profile can be established on your behaviors, and you can be tracked across the Web with the aid of cookies and other tracking devices.

It accomplishes the same as cookies but without having to drop a snippet of code on your screen. And without you being able to block it in your browser like you can do with cookies.

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